Microsoft Windows 9 coming with Notification Center and Multiple Desktop


According to the latest video and images, which rolled over the internet has showed that the upcoming Microsoft Windows Operating System has a ” Notification Center “. It is new leak of the Windows 9, to we get a rumored video which showed a Notification Center is on action. This new Video is comes from the  German website,  which shows off a new Notification Center that is running on the desktop in Microsoft upcoming operating system Windows 9.

The video shows how the system and app alerts can be viewed in one central location – a Notification Center.  In the video you will  also noticed that as the Skype conversation alerts pop up in the upper right hand corner they also appear in the new Notification Center for the Windows.

According to some the latest reports and videos are claimed that the tech giant Microsoft is also added a new features in its upcoming windows, which is very useful at work that is Multiple desktop mode.

We also get a video in which the “Multiple Desktop” Mode is on action in the Windows 9 operating system”. In the video you will observe that the new taskbar for this early build of Windows 9 includes an icon for creating and closing virtual desktops. New work spaces can be made on the fly, and each workspace and their open programs can be accessed from this icon.

The tech giant Microsoft will be unveils the preview variant of its upcoming Windows Operating System Windows 9 in event which held on 30th Sept  of this year. And the full version of this Microsoft Windows will be release on the first quarter of the next year 2015.