Microsoft Updated the Motion Data step counter for latest Lumia’s


The operating system giant Microsoft has updated the Motion Data step counter for latest Lumia’s series Windows Smartphone. This is available in the Lumia 630, 635, 930, or 1520 Lumia handset. The latest Version now lives in the Windows Phone Store. The app is available free to download in the Windows Phone Store.

Motion_data app updated

The Motion Data is a special feature  which is originally built by Nokia for their Lumia phones, and that is  based off their beta Motion Monitor app, which is launched  in the late of year 2013. This is a system app, which mainly uses the  GPS and the accelerometer of your Windows Smartphone, and then the phone collects your steps and location for use in third-party apps like Bing Health + Fitness through the SensorCore API.

Those Nokia Lumia handsets which have newer Snapdragon 400, 600 or 800 series can leverage SensorCore, as it uses aspects of the chipset not found on earlier S4 hardware. You also need the Lumia Cyan firmware to enable Smartphone then this will work. This update is also comes with some bugs, removes with some improvements for better work, if your Lumis series Smartphone  fulfills the all the option, then you can download this updates app from here!