Microsoft to warn its email users about hacking by Government

By | December 31, 2015


Microsoft has announced on Wednesday that it is going to give warning to the users of its email services like Outlook in case government tries to hack their mail. The company will warn its users, if it suspects any possible attempt of hacking into their account by government.

This new announcement is made by company nine days after Reuters had asked the company why it had decided not to tell its customer about hacking campaign discovered in 2011. The hacking had targeted international leaders, specifically China’s Tibetan and Uighur minorities.

Two former employees said that the company’s own expert had already found years ago that Chinese authorities had been behind this campaign, but the company didn’t inform its Hotmail (Now Outlook) users about the hacking campaign. Microsoft has issued a statement saying that neither the company nor US Government can specify the sources of hacking attacks, as it came from multiple countries.

Microsoft said to Reuters, “As the threat landscape has evolved our approach has too, and we’ll now go beyond notification and guidance to specify if we reasonably believe the attacker is ‘state-sponsored’.” The company wrote on the blog, “We’re taking this additional step of specifically letting you know if we have evidence that the attacker may be ‘state-sponsored’ because it is likely that the attack could be more sophisticated or more sustained than attacks from cybercriminals and others.”