Microsoft to axe Photosynth and some MSN apps from Windows and iOS



Microsoft has announced, Photosynth application is going to be removed from Windows phone and iOS phone. From now on, there won’t be any developer support for this apps and it is being pulled from their respective stores. If you have already installed this Photosynth application on your phone, then you can continue working on the apps, but Microsoft has directly warned that if you use it, then you are on your own. “We are doing this because the new Photosynth Preview technology and its cloud processing is a more immersive way to capture a place than the spherical panoramas that our apps produce,” Photosynth has said through a blog post.

People are urged to upload their existing panoramas created with the apps to, from there they can be shared or set as private for personal use depending upon your privacy preferences. Along with Photosynth, Microsoft is also planning to axe some other unpopular apps like MSN mobile offerings.

From September 28th, both MSN Food & Drink and MSN Travel will be discontinued from Windows, iOS and Android. MSN Health & Fitness will be discontinued from iOS, Windows and Android from November 1st. in a statement Microsoft said, “We have been focusing in all the business area and making sure that our users gets most value. MSN News, Whether, Money and Sports will continue due to its broad appeal from the customer, and these features will be made available as the apps on Windows 10.”