Microsoft to take on Google’s Cardboard with its VR Kit



Virtual Reality has been gaining its popularity day by day, thanks to the amazing and different entertainment experience. Lots of companies are launching or making their products for Virtual Reality. Google has its Cardboard, Samsung has Gear VR and Facebook comes with Oculus Rift.

The latest entry to this is Microsoft, which is ready with its own Virtual Reality headset named Microsoft VR Kit. With The Microsoft VR kit, the tech giant is ready to take on Google’s Cardboard. This new VR headset from Microsoft is foldable and comes in purple color.

Microsoft’s this VR product is a part of VR Hackathon in Russia that is going to be hosted by the company next month. The company is trying to attract the developers, who will use this VR headset for some VR content for Lumia device. Users have to insert their Lumia device to the Microsoft’s VR Kit and hold it to your face to experience the VR content.

This Event will be held on October 17th in Russia. So if you are not going to Russia, you have to sit tight and wait for more details, as the company has not said anything about the products. There is a chance that it will shade some details about this VR kit at the Windows 10 Event on October 6th.