Microsoft Snipp3t app will get all celebrity addictions


Last weekend Microsoft has silently launched Snipp3t app for iOS, an app which collects the news and information about the celebrities and keeps the users up to date. It is the result comes from the Bing team in an effort to expand its search service’s impact beyond the web browser.

Microsoft has revealed that, according to their stats 86 percent of the mobile users interact with the internet with the apps and only 14 percent using the web browsers. Four member team in Microsoft has created Snipp3t app with an aim to show that Bing’s data can also be used in this format.


Donald Soog, Microsoft’s team member has stated that, “We are showing here that what we can actually use the existing data with us and then put into a different skin, an app experience and then offer the awesome experience to the user”.

Microsoft Snipp3t app allows the users to follow their favorite celebrities and subscribe to the latest news and updates. The updates displayed in the timeline format including the Youtube videos, tweets, images and news reports from the various sources for the celebrities you are following. For the subscribed users there is an option to like and comment on the news and images. It also features an option to sign-in through Facebook account which allows the users to see who their friends are following. You can use this app in guest mode also without signing in.

It utilises the data from the Microsoft’s own Bing search service. It is currently available for the iOS users only and also limited for US region for now. There is also no news regarding when the app will reach other platform like Android and Windows Phone. It runs on iOS 7 or higher versions and is sized at 19.3 MB and you can download from the below link.

Download Snipp3t for iOS