Microsoft – “Smartphones has an Ultimate Unlock”


Microsoft will change your boring unlock set up with its new unlock feature.

In today’s world, internet, smartphones, technology, innovations overtook the space of reality and real world. Technology and people are growing together, the standard of living has changed and people are comfortable with their own private space.

Earlier, the people were connected with one another by having get-together, dinner party, picnic etc. but in recent years after the evolution of mobile phones, internet hubs, technology, people have become tech savy to move with the trend. Today, People need their own space and things to be private and confidential, and now when technology is offering so much to its consumers that your entire things can be stored in a smartphone gallery, Google drive etc.

Though there are amazing ways to unlock your phone now either by punching a PIN, Pattern lock, face recognition or in some phones you have fingerprint option. To make it even tougher for the ones who like stalking others private life, Microsoft showcases a new unlock option that blends all the above unlock techniques in one.

How this unlock security works?

The new unlock feature seizes your finger position, length, angle between your fingers and much more. The new unlock feature enables to design your own pattern with fingers touching the screen moving in a definite direction at definite times. The way you make gesture with your fingers signifies your identity. This feature is designed in such a way that, people who like peeping in to somebody’s phone will be puzzled to see your fingers wriggling all over the screen, it will be difficult for them to copy the same pattern.

Microsoft vision:

Microsoft seems to be avoiding fingerprint feature to the devices for a specific reason, the patent displays that, “Other devices employ a dedicated fingerprint reader for authentication. The fingerprint reader can add considerably to the overall cost of the device and require dedicated real-estate on the device.”

The new unlock feature will be available for other gadgets other than phones and tablets; it also reveals that this new unlock feature will be working with the Xbox One Kinect as well.