Microsoft shows the limitations of HoloLens field of view



At E3 Microsoft revealed that the field view of its HoloLens is not going to be better. This means that Microsoft is being more realistic about the limitation of its product. Microsoft has released a new video, where it shows another look of HoloLens and how this can be used in the real world at a university and this also discovered some new possibilities. To watch this video click here. By using this head-gear, a student can learn about the body structure with HoloLens, which is more immersive than textbooks and computer.

In this video, Microsoft has shown several examples of the HoloLens headset gear from user perspective. At one point, it shows how you can watch and interact with the holograms and even clipping the colors. This is a very realistic and more accurate representation of the HoloLens use, than any other demonstration, which shows holograms all around you.

This video also gives us a view of the future of this HoloLens, but Microsoft is also going to offer grants to the researchers, who can give some more impressive usage of this HoloLens. The company will give $100,000 as well as a pair of the augmented reality HoloLens development kits as a reward to five groups. The name of the winners will be announced in October.