Microsoft Send, Miniature Email app works like SMS

By | July 25, 2015


The world has become so tiny that today we can reach out people from different countries with just one click away. Mobile apps are trending and so do the users, innovations and updating of technologies have taken place all over the world. People are busy and there is no much time left to waste it on waiting, everything has to be instantly done.

Microsoft understands the need of today’s techno world and launches a new application called Send, is designed to disseminate the time lapse of checking and responding the mail. Instead it acts more like normal chatting, responds quickly and no much time to wait without leaving the essence of formal emailing.

The wait is over now with this amazing app created by Microsoft, which works like messaging and it’s considered to be a short-form of Email with all that formal format and the subtle layout of the app, the best part is that people who mails you doesn’t have to wait for hours to get replies from the concern person. It enables the sender to know whether the message has been delivered or not and immediately receiver can reply with no time.


It might be little difficult for Send to survive in this techno world by sharing a common platform of existing messenger apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, iMessage, SMS. Though the idea and concept are extremely fascinating, consumers totally deserts the communication through email rather for casual or simple talking they use the existing messenger apps.

This application is supported only with office 365 business and school email accounts for the initial stage, it is designed and launched for iPhone users for the starters, but it is expected to open a wide market for Android and windows arriving soon.

As we say customer satisfaction leads to the success of the product, like wise Microsoft has touched a few customers with its new launch app “Send”, which brings out a positive result for the company to move further with the development of the app and for the customers to download and try the app.


This app is available only for iPhone users for now but it is arriving soon for windows and android, lets see what this new application can serve us.