Microsoft patents smartwatch design : Looks super sleek


It’s a well known fact that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch or something to that affect. We have seen patents documented and have heard rumors for a long time. Wearables and the Internet of Things is the future of technology and the software giant is resolved to being a big part of. Today we are taking a gander at a patent granted to Microsoft for an ‘electronic band’.


Microsoft patents smartwatch design

A week ago we saw an different patent granted to the software giant that teased their approaching smartwatch plans. That patent portrayed a gadget with fitness-tracking features and a separable body. That body could then be removed from the wrist band and attached to different accessories like lanyard or belt clip. The body itself features a touch screen where you could communicate with to see several information showed.

Look at the latest leaked images of the patent grated to the Microsoft’s forthcoming wearable device – a fitness-tracker smartwatch looking pretty slim.


That patent included a dock where you could attach the body, apparently to sync or charge. Something we have seen several smartwatches such as Qualcomm Toq or the Galaxy Gear do.


The documenting uncovered today shows off an electronic band that appears to be like past patent pictures we have seen from Microsoft. Carl Ledbetter, the man behind the design at Xbox, is listed as one of the inventors.