Microsoft OneDrive offers 100GB free space for two years


Free! Free! Free!

Microsoft OneDrive provides us some free space – 100GB worth of space.

Microsoft has recently announced to give free space with a small condition. Microsoft is offering 100 GB of cloud storage on its OneDrive service free for two years in exchange for signing up for a free Bing Rewards account.


Formerly called SkyDrive, OneDrive is integrated into Windows. It is a practical cloud storage option, so users would not depend on the traditional methods of saving files, which can pose the files at high risk for virus attacks. Unfortunately, this offer can be availed by US residents only.

Earning Bing Rewards is not all that difficult. Bing Rewards is Microsoft’s program giving users credit when one searches online using MSN or Bing. When enough number of points or credits are collected, they can be used for sweepstakes entries, gift cards or charity donations.

Once signed up for the account, click on “100GB free” link at the dashboard that would give guidelines to get Microsoft OneDrive free storage. This would be followed by the agreements to receive the promo. One agreed, you can avail the free storage until 2017.


Microsoft currently charges $1.99 per month for 100 GB of storage on OneDrive, indicating its two-year deal is worth about $48. Both new and existing customers are eligible to claim Bing Rewards, but the offer ends on February 28th so the users have to claim on or before that date. Those who avail the offer has to prepared to pay a minimal amount around $1.99/month after two years to retain the account. $24 per year is undeniably a reasonable price for the amount of space given.

However, international users are out of luck this time, for the deal is available only for the residents of USA.

This is not the first time for the company to come p with such an offer for Bing users. Last year, it offered 100 GB storage for one year on earning 100 Bing reward points. Through such offers Microsoft is constantly trying to boost up the user traffic in Bing.

As soon as the news was out, many online users already claimed their free worth of cloud storage which is not an offer one would see every day. OneDrive’s offer is definitely a “must-grab” instead of being content on crappy free cloud services that offers to other users.

Go forth and get free storage!