Microsoft To Offer 50% Discount On Xbox Music

By | December 19, 2014
xbox music

Microsoft will offer a 50% discount on its Xbox Music service for one day in this week, the company announced on Thursday.

Microsoft has been running a promotional campaign by the name of “12 Days of Deals” since the 8th of December and these discounts will be a part of that campaign. The company has been providing some sort of discount to its customers each day since the 8th of December. Microsoft will now discount its Xbox Music Pass service from its annual price of $99.90 to $49.90, a price cut of 50%.

xbox music

Xbox Music is Microsoft’s answer to online music streaming service Spotify. It allows users to stream close to 20 million songs from a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets and computers along with the Xbox One. This service also has an option of offline listening which is convenient for users whenever they can’t access the internet. The monthly price of the Xbox Music Pass is $9.99.

It was announced by Microsoft in October that it would be ending the free version and instead require the users to pay $10 monthly in order to enjoy an ad free experience. Xbox Music is the successor to the Zume service which was provided by Microsoft till 2012. Its direct competitors include Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon MP3, Deezer and as mentioned before, Spotify.

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