Microsoft merges official Windows Phone blog into Blogging Windows


I think the software and operating system giant Microsoft is doing some housecleaning on their official blogs, the Microsoft is deciding to merge the blogs of the Windows Phone and Windows and make it single.

The Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc  has said that- the move was made to reduce redundancy on their blog network. He also adds to his content  that is found on the Windows Phones blog. The Blogging Windows will also merge the  posts on the Windows Experience Blog and Extreme Windows Blog. The LeBlanc  is also said that Blogging Windows will continue to feature Windows Phone content, including some of the  major announcements, new apps and games for the Operating System plus more.

microsoft merges official windows phone blog to Windows blog

The LeBlanc says that Blogging Windows now has a special filter for users who just want to check out Microsoft’s Windows Phone news. He mainly said that :


“If you just want to see blog posts for Windows Phone, just choose the ‘Phone’ category and hit the apply button. This will sort everything that is relevant for Windows Phone for you. It will also provide you with an RSS feed you can subscribe to in your favorite RSS reader (I highly recommend Nextgen Reader). For anyone who was subscribed to the RSS for the Windows Phone Blog, we have put in place a redirect that will continue to update with posts relevant only for Windows Phone so you don’t need to do anything.”


The Windows  eco-system is for your Business, Building Apps for Windows and Exploring Internet Explorer blogs will not be affected because of this merge. The Microsoft LeBlanc has  also said that in the future, all the blogs will have support for threaded comments but those posts will require  the users to have a free account in the Microsoft website.