Microsoft lets you scan in 3D with phone



A new project from Microsoft Research lab will allow rear camera of phone to work as a 3D scanner. This MobileFusion project will capture 3D models with the help of an app on your smartphone. It will make the rear camera of your phone a 3D scanner, which will automatically create 3D model that can be printed. The researchers have released a demo video, in the video an iPhone 5S has been used to scan the objects just by walking around the objects. The phone creates the 3D model by tracking the objects, which has been captured from different angles by the camera.

The images created by the phone are bit rough, but it is clear enough for 3D printing Microsoft said that no additional hardware will be required for 3D scanning. You can use any phone as 3D scanner. Researchers are currently trying to run the app on different platform like iOS, Android and Windows phone. Currently there is no news that when this project will be released in the market. But if you want to check this project you can watch the video by clicking here.