Microsoft launches Xim, a photo-sharing cross platform app


The software giant Microsoft has launched a new photo sharing cross platform app “Xim“. The app is available in all major Mobile OS platform  including iOS, Android and Windows Phone also. The Xim app allows users to share photos or pics from their Smart device or cloud accounts to their friends and family, and then everyone can able to view the photos together on their devices.


According to the Microsoft, only those person who is sharing the app needs to have the app, others will be able to view the images them without needing any application (without Xim), they will need app if in the case they want to add their own photos to the viewing party or invite more people. This Microsoft app Xim is also able to support comments. With the help of this app user can able to make slideshow which they share in the cloud and that Slide show will be able to play in there devices. But these app is now available for the selected countries only.

Features of Microsoft Xim –

  • Xims swipe and zoom together, so everyone stays in sync automatically
  • Xim is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices and works in most web browsers
  • Choose photos from your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, or OneDrive; mix and match easily from any of these sources
  • Invite people from your phone’s contact list, via email or via phone number

You can download the Microsoft Xim  according to your’s desire  Mobile operating system, the links are given below.

  • For Apple iOS user’s- Click here! (it will launch)
  • For Android user’s- Click here!
  • For Windows Phone user’s – Click here!