Microsoft launches its Translator app for Smartwatch

By | August 7, 2015


Today, smartwatch has become very popular and there are lots of apps present for the watch, but they are not as impressive as the new Translator app of Microsoft. Yes, you heard it right; Today Microsoft has launched Microsoft Translator for the wearable smartwatches and folks this will support both iOS and Android devices as well as their smartphones.

This app is really cool, as you can translate in 50 languages by using your smartwatch, which means you don’t have to pull out your phone from your pocket to translate. As this Microsoft Translator will work on both Android and iOS watch, so whatever smartwatch you own, you will be able to translate instantly, as you just have to speak into the watch. Microsoft also allows you to pin, means you can pin whatever translation you use frequently. You can download the app from both Android and iOS platform free of cost.

In addition to this Microsoft has also launched a bunch of apps like Outlook for Apple watch. By this Outlook app, you will be able to read your full emails and even respond to it by voice control. For Android smartwatch, the company has released the updated version of OneNote and OneDrive.