Microsoft launched #wpdev Windows Phone 8 app for developers

By | May 26, 2014

Microsoft has released the new app #wpdev for Windows Phone 8 on Windows Phone Store with an aim to connect the developers and resources. This is the great thing in being the developer in the Microsoft technology as the company offers the tremendous support and resources to the developers. There are some learning resources and dedicated forums to the public events, community feeds off this support.

#Wpdev Windows Phone 8 app includes the official Microsoft resources which are useful in building the apps for Windows Phone Store and Windows Store. This app is named as #wpdev taken from the Twitter hashtag, which the developer community and the Microsoft used for sharing the development resources and insights on Twitter.



This app provides the information to the developers from the latest blog posts, partner resources and training resources. The twitter timeline is also available with all the tweets including the #wpdev tag. This app allows you to connect with the technology experts and advisers who are experienced in developing the apps for Windows Phone Store and Windows Store. It not only connect with the experts, but also allows you to connect through the Social networking sites like Twitter, allows you to share and exchange your resources and provides you the news regarding the latest technologies and developments.

Additional to this, Microsoft also has an another app called Dev Center, which allows the developers to access the developers dashboard and to see how they are developing the apps.

If you are a Windows Phone then it is the must have app, which helps you a lot in developing the Windows apps. It is very useful and simple and handy app.

Download #wpdev from here.