Microsoft launched Tutorial website for Windows phone

By | July 21, 2014

Users of Nokia Windows phone are not sure and not aware of all the features in the phone? For these kind of people Microsoft launched Tutorial website specially for the Tutorials and tips to educate the users to the platform get acquainted with Windows Phone with an interactive tutorial filled with videos for the purpose of knowing the features. Even for the software updates and latest news about the windows phones and updates.


This website includes the tutorials, number of videos which reveal how to personalize  your phone, how to use cortana, how to play music and games, How to use camera and many more features. This is a timely move by microsoft, since the software giant has just started rolling out the Lumia Blue update for lumia phones. This includes windows phone 8.1 and thus there might be certain questions about new features such as cortana. The virtual personal assistant is available in the U.S. for Windows Phone 8.1 users, and will soon be released world-wide.

If you are new to the platform, or want t learn some of the things that you did not know that phone could do, check out the source link, Easy to understand videos shows you precisely how to get certain features to run on your windows phone hand set. If you are in help getting started with a windows phone and wants to learn more about the plat form then click on the provided link below. Microsoft new Website.