Microsoft Launched Redesigned Website of Office Dev Center

By | August 22, 2014

The tech giant Microsoft has released the revamped or redesigned website of the Office Dev Center. The tech giant released the latest redesign and content overhaul for office dev center, that is mainly the home for the Microsoft Office 365 developer audience. The Microsoft’s is also focus is to make this site speak to the developers, but you will observe that the Microsoft also brings the technical and business decision makers by highlighting the opportunity and the getting started experience of building on the Office 365. Both upcoming Microsoft and the third party events as well as previous events are now listed on the events page of this website.


The Microsoft is also said that the developers also wanted an easier access to key  the sample code and the apps, which would they make the development process  much easier. And the  training resources are key components of ramping and engaging developers, that were scattered across various properties—but now they are centralized because only of Redesigned Website of Office Dev Center.

The Microsoft Office 365 developer community is a thriving and growing one—holding discussions on stackoverflow and the msdn forums, providing invaluable product feedback and suggestions on the uservoice, and engaging in architectural discussions on the office 365 technical network.