Microsoft launched Climatology app for Windows Phone and Android


Microsoft not only providing the updates constantly to the existing apps like Nokia Camera and Skype, but also it is now introducing the new apps for Windows Phone platform. Now, Microsoft has came up with a new app called Climatology foe both the Windows and Android platforms which is available currently in their respective platforms.


Climatology app is different from all regular weather apps like instead of providing the information of the current temperature and the weather forecast for the next few days it provides the information regarding the weather conditions of the different parts of the world at different time periods of the year. This app focuses on the average and statistics around the world terminated with the MSR’s FetchClimate project.

Currently in the Android and Windows stores Climatology version 1.0 is available to download and the app gives the climate information including the temperature, rain and sunniness on anywhere on the earth. You cnan find out the what are good places to visit in December or avoiding the rain for your wedding and more. But one thing about this app, this is not the one which should have come in 2014. The User Interface of the app is underwhelming but are the lack of settings and the interface model is imperial instead of metric.

For the Android platform the size of the app is 2.2 MB and it requires Android 2.2.3 Gingerbread version or later. For the Windows Phone platform it weighs 2 MB and available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 users.

Download Climatology for Android and Windows Phone.