Microsoft introduced new NFL app for Xbox One and Windows 8


The new NFL season is about to start and Microsoft is working to improve the experience for the football fans on Xbox One. There are lot of new features to come with Fantasy Football and NFL. In the new version the league’s upcoming online video service is to play the huge role. Microsoft working on NFL app for Xbox One to make it feel like your own and it allow you to personalize it with the content from the teams and players which you are interested in.


Xbox One will give you the quick access to the lots of stuff and includes the recent events feeds, ability to manage the teams, exclusive in-game highlights all inside from the app. For now fantasy data is now only integrating with the leagues, but Microsoft is working to bring more services into the fold and not surprisingly the NFL league take the advantage of the Xbox One features like snap and allow you to easily kepp track of the Football stats and even when you are plying game or watching an actual NFL matchup.

The same application is also coming for the Windows 8 platform for the first time. One of the Microsoft representative told that, although the difference between the platforms exist like no HDMI in TV signal on PCs, the NFL for the Xbox One and Windows 8 are same. Xbox 360 users can expect the similar functionality to what is available already and there is an addition of NFL now which offers the more on-demand content from the NFL to aging console.

Microsoft has promised that the NFL rich app will come in time for the regular season, both for Xbox One and Windows 8. The NFl season is going to begin from Sep 4, 2014.