Microsoft organizes HoloLens Demo event in 11 cities of US and Canada



Microsoft has already announced that its HoloLens Development Edition Kit will be available in the first quarter of next year at the price of $3,000. Before releasing this device, the tech giant is planning to take the HoloLens kit on a tour in US and Canada.

The company is planning this tour to give developer some hands on experience of the device. The developers will also meet some HoloLens team members and learn how to create holographic experiences. This is a smart plan from the company, as it will attract developers to buy this $3,000 device.

The demo trip of HoloLens will start on October 13th and then go to 10 more cities across US and Canada. The company has posted the details of the places and dates where Developers can experience HoloLens kit.

The name of cities for the HoloLens tour includes Seattle (October 13 to 16), Toronto (October 19 to 22), Salt Lake City (October 20 to 22), Chicago (October 26 to 29), San Francisco (October 26 to 20), Los Angeles (November 2 to 5), New York City (November 2 to 5), Minneapolis (November 9 to 11), Phoenix (November 10 to 12), Atlanta (November 17 to 19) and finally Austin (November 17 to 20).

If you want to experience Microsoft HoloLens Kit, you can visit any places listed above. This is a very good opportunity, so if you live near any places listed above, you should visit the HoloLens Demo event. For registration, you click on the company’s dedicated websites.