Microsoft Future Windows 9 simply be called ‘Windows’

By | September 9, 2014

According some of the latest report and report, which claims that the Operating System giant Microsoft is preparing to drop all of its different brands of Windows — Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows 9, Windows RT — and simply call them all Windows. It upcoming operating system Windows 9 (Preview Variant) would be launched at the end of the September month of this year 2014, it might be called Windows — no numeral, no identifier, nothing.


The main idea behind this would be that, in the mind of the consumer, Windows is just Windows, and which all of these different names and flavors are just confusing. They Getting rid of all that complexity and returning to the old way — where Windows is synonymous with personal computing — would certainly be a coup for Microsoft. But just as it shot itself in the foot with Windows RT, consolidating on just “Windows” could be fiscal suicide if Microsoft’s various operating systems don’t indeed come together as one harmonious platform.

The Microsoft is also scaling down its use of “Windows 8″ on its desktop/laptop/tablet ads, too. About nine months ago, around the time that Windows 8.1 launched, Microsoft started calling Windows 8 “the new Windows.” These ads use the same messaging as the Windows Phone ads; the same kind of music, the same split-screening, the same closing sequence with the new Windows logo and just the text “Windows.”