Microsoft fixes 8018830f error for using 8.1 Update Developers Preview


The search engine giant Microsoft has finally fixed the 8018830f error for using windows Phone 8.1  update preview for developers. And the tech giant Microsoft has finally addressed on the installation problems with the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Preview for Developers. The issue initially started when Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 Preview began on Monday and many of the  users downloaded the update, but they install.

The Microsoft Joe Belfoire has said that via Twiiter :

“It was a “packaging problem” with the update. Try again and it should work.” He then goes on to say “Still working on the “low storage” install prob 80188308. Note, this is not USER storage you can clear- it’s install partition. Sit tight.”


However, not everyone with the reported error is getting the update, so it is not clear if there is a rolling fix in place or there are other factors in play. One common denominator for a successful update seems to be having Lumia Cyan installed, in addition to being mostly Lumia 925s.

 This latest update brings  many new features for the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system users such as-

  • Improvements to video capture meta data tags (not sure what it means)
  • Support for Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Disable voice mail phone number display
  • OEMs can set a list of MCC/MNC pairs in the purchase order (PO)
  • OEMs can configure a phone book entry for Cortana to allow users to start speech from a car
  • Something with Phone cover settings
  • OEMs will be able to hide the “Automatic search for updates” function
  • Something with building images with user-managed software buttons
  • Support for entity extraction in the Messaging app