Microsoft expands ad free Bing search for schools


Microsoft is stretching a program that gives schools the capability to prevent ads from showing up in search results when they use its Bing web search tool. The system, launched in a pilot program beginning of this year, is currently accessible to all U.S. schools, open or private, from kindergarten through the 12th grade

The program is intended to make a more secure online environment for youngsters, additionally promotes use of Bing, which trails market pioneer Google.


Microsoft Corporation is additionally giving away an 1st-gen Surface tablet to schools where community members sign up to use the advertisement supported version of the Bing outside of the school.

The project is tailored so that 60 folks and companions who do 30 Bing searches a day can earn their school a Surface in barely a month. There is no restriction on the amount of Surface tablets a school can win.

Matt Wallaert, a Microsoft working employee who started the “Bing in the Classroom” program, said the organisation anticipates that some of the program’s goodwill leads to more Bing usage.

According to him, Bing is totally an ad-supported business but schools and other institutions are not a part of this to go for. He also also added that let this message and start using the Bing search instead of others for web contents. Google still hasn’t started any such kind of programs to make search engine ad-free.

Microsoft also has made around 500 lesson plans that promote the use of search to answer queries. The questions are not the kind that can be replied by just typing them into the search field.