Microsoft to discontinue support for Original Windows 8.1



A breaking news from Microsoft for all the Windows 8.1 users that are not going to support original Windows 8.1 OS in favor of recently released Windows 8.1 update to all existing users across the globe. According to the Microsoft the Update version as its own support and baseline, one who want to continue to get supports like software updates, security patches  and more have to migrate with latest Windows 8.1 update.

One who is not able to get this latest windows update can update manually by download several file which is easily available to Microsoft’s official download center. The total update size is around 700 MB. Also this is for only limited times which is 1 month after the release, after this period you won’t be able to get any fresh update from Microsoft, even if you try installing manually it will show not applicable for your device. So you have only one month if you want to continue with Windows 8.1.

If you are still running out of this latest Windows update then go for it as soon as possible you can and migrate this to continue to get security update time to time.

If you have already updated, please your experience after the modifications made to this update or else if you have any query related to this update please comment below at the specific section, I will try my level best to provide the best information and to solve your doubts.

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