Microsoft detached ‘Cortana’ from windows by creating self-android app


Microsoft has disconnected its Digital assistant from windows and made a self-Android app for Cortana. Now people don’t need to use windows to grab benefits of Microsoft’s Digital Assistant Cortana. On Monday, an early version of Cortana was launched by Microsoft on Google play. This is the first time that an app has made available to all the android users.

Microsoft observed that Cortana works similarly on the Android as it does in Windows version. Cortana helps you to set reminders, search engine, and lets you to add items to your calendar. Cortana Android app is similar to the Notebook feature which allows you to fine-tune Cortana’s customized recommendations for neighboring restaurants, news alerts, weather report, sports news, and various other segments based on your earlier habits and interests.

However, the Cortana android app has its own limitations. Cortana helps you in modifying your phone settings, or to introduce other apps or use the “Hey Cortana” command to instate a query. On the other hand, you can make the assistant feel a little more like a native part of Android by replacing the Google Now shortcut with Cortana when you long press on the home key.

Microsoft needs to polish the Cortana for Android because the android app is still in Beta and there are few bugs and other problems to be sorted out.

Microsoft took an important step on this Monday, by updating the Cortana Android app and making it available for all the android users compared to the previous app that was offered only to a limited number of users when  originally released in June. Microsoft is expecting Cortana to step ahead of Windows in near future.

Microsoft did not about the update over iOS app but it is under process and is soon going to hit the world with its latest update.

Cortana Android app is available now to all Android users who got selected in to Microsoft’s beta program. The beta is U.S. only for now, but Microsoft says it’s planning to make it available in more countries in the future.