Microsoft DeLorean Low latency cloud gaming system

By | August 22, 2014

Xbox One gaming console you have bought going to be the last console you ever need to buy. Microsoft has been working on the new cloud gaming solution which might get out of the labs sooner or later and the company has just published their work on DeLorean. Microsoft DeLorean is the speculative execution environment for the mobile cloud gaming.


Cloud gaming is nothing but where the remote server will perform the game execution rendering on behalf of the clients which simply send the input and display the output frames and promises any device the ability to play any game anytime and from anywhere. Cloud gaming has the ability to make your console antiquated. But the biggest difficulty to overcome before we reach this gaming bliss is latency.

As you know that in reality Wide Area Networks are often prohibitive and the cellular, Wi-Fi and wired residential end host round trip times can exceed 100 ms which is the threshold above which many gamers tend to deem responsiveness unacceptable. latency is nothing but the time interval between the initial input and output.

DeLorean is the new system from Microsoft Research which uses the speculation to enable the low-latency continuous interaction which is very important for cloud gaming. Latencies up to 250 ms can be covered by the DeLorean systems. It produces speculative rendered frames to the gamer which is done by combining the future input prediction, time shifting, state space subsampling, bandwidth compensation and misprediction compensation.

This means that in future you can play the games like Call of Duty on your Windows tablet. Microsoft has already tested this DeLorean System on Doom3 and Fable 3. Most of the gamers who played these games on cloud preferred DeLorean system to other cloud gaming systems.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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