Microsoft created a DisplayCover with e-ink touchscreen



Tablets have found its way to the user, who wants to get a device between phone and laptop for their day-to-day work. To make the tablet more interesting, the Applied Sciences department of Microsoft has built a prototype named DisplayCover. DisplayCover is a type of keyboard, which comes with an e-ink touchscreen display. This device comes with 1,280 x 205 pixels resolution panel, which features access to all app shortcuts and this will also supports touch gestures for navigation as well as basic trackpad gestures. The device also supports stylus input.

The company has released a demo video of DisplayCover, which shows that stylus feature being used for signing documents and highlighting notes. The team says that they have chosen e-link, because it will not put much pressure on the battery of the tablet. This DisplayCover can also be used as a mini start menu.

This device is still a prototype, but it looks pretty promising as it has lots to offer. Microsoft’s keyboard cover has been an essential accessory since the inception of Surface tablet of Microsoft. This new DisplayCover is going to be very helpful for customers, who choose tablet to do some real works.

To watch the demo video click here.