Microsoft coming with HTML for cross platform apps


One of the latest report has claimed that the tech giant Microsoft has  looking to HTML for cross platform apps. The report has also said that the company is aggressively courting users on iOS and Android, and is bringing their apps to as many platforms as possible.The Microsoft had a plan to use HTML-based apps, which mainly by using the cross platform open source Cordova framework by Apache.

MicrosoftIn the report they also mentioned that –

[quote]The HTML Experiences team, as part of the Visual Studio organization, delivers modern tooling for mobile apps built using HTML and JavaScript. Our mission is to provide industry leading development tooling for service-connected HTML apps, and to boost developer productivity while enabling the creation of highly differentiated apps. We target the cross-platform Cordova framework for Android/iOS/Windows 8/Windows Phone, as well as the native Windows Web Application platform for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.[/quote]

The tech giant Microsoft has mainly working on creating better development tools, with the help of  these kind of frameworks to help developers create HTML apps even more easily and that is why they are using Cordova framework. The Cordova is the basis of Phonegap, that might be more familiar to developers and apps using Cordova are still packaged as apps using the platform SDKs, and can be made available for installation from each device’s app store.

The software giant Microsoft’s strategy is clear, it is kind of that Facebook has tried going down this path before, and ultimately abandoned HTML5 apps, with Mark Zuckerberg calling it their biggest mistake.