Microsoft China teases Windows 9 is ‘coming soon’


The Microsoft China teases Windows 9 is ‘coming soon‘. In a post on micro-blogging service Weibo. The Microsoft China asked, “Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think  that the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?” The post was accompanied by a Windows 9 logo, which was quickly removed, but not before spot it.


While the post did not provide a clear launch date, the tech giant Microsoft is said to be considering announcing Windows 9 at a press event on September 30th. The date for the event might be changed, and for this event only the preview version of the upcoming operating system is slated to be distributed to developers and enterprise users in late in September or early in the month of October of this year.

According to some of the reports and rumors which claims that many new features will be available in the upcoming Microsft Windows 9 operating system. The Microsoft has already stated that it will be bringing back a version of the Start menu button in the desktop UI, and recent rumors suggest a host of new changes to the Modern User Interface. Some major changes will be also available in the next variant, Microsoft OS, according to some internal sources of the Microsoft.