Microsoft announced HD-10, Miracast receiver with NFC support

By | September 4, 2014

At the ongoing IFA, 2014 event at Berlin Microsoft announced HD-10 accessory, a new device which allows the users to share the content easily from their Lumia smartphones to any HDMI connected screen. Now you can easily share your presentations, videos, photos, and more from your Windows Phone to your television using HD-10.

HD-1o was designed by keeping the people in the mind who enjoy lot of content on their phones, let it be music, photos, videos, games, streaming movies and internet as well. With this accessory you can get an easy way to pull all the content onto the larger screen. Just a simple tap takes you to content of your Windows Phone to the HD-10.

Tap your NFC-enabled Windows Phone to begin easily mirroring everything on your smartphone onto the big screen. Pass the NFC disc around to allow anyone to share their content as well. Any Lumia device with the screen projection capabilities and the other Miracast products can use HD-10.


Here are some situations how you can use the HD-10

  • Browse and enjoy the websites and try the online shopping on the big screen more conveniently.
  • Enjoy the movies or any TV series directly from your Lumia devices on to the big screen, without any content restrictions.
  • Take the stunning pictures on your Lumia smartphone and the watch them on the big screen with family and friends.
  • Perfectly useful in the situations like presentations, group working sessions and allows people project document apps and services like Microsoft Office, OneDrive, OneNote and Lync.
  • Enjoy the games on the large screen and enjoy them in detail.

It is expected that HD-10 is to be available later this month for $79.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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