Microsoft acquires Sunrise app to deepen mobile productivity offering


Microsoft on Wednesday announced its acquisition of the hit mobile calendar application Sunrise in a deal reported to be valued about $100 million.

Microsoft acquires sunrise

Sunrise kick started as a newsletter that provided calendar information via email, but then quickly changed gears as a mobile-first alternative to the built-in calendar apps offered by Apple, with a focus on optimizing the experience of small-screened devices. The app consisted of weather report and offered RSVPs without leaving the app along with some clever UX tweaks.

The acquisition of this smart app comes right in time along with Microsoft releasing versions of its famous Outlook calendar and email programs made for mobile devices powered by Apple or Android software.

Rajesh Jha, vice president of Microsoft Corporation believes that its high-time to change the ways people use calendar apps on phone and this take-over would feed that need. Also the company’s goal is to create more useful and enjoyable experience in mobile email and calendaring across all platforms.

Microsoft acquires sunrise

Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella has prioritized to focus the technology titan’s contribution to lifestyles centered on smartphone, tabs and software services hosted on the internet. Microsoft acquired Accompli, the reputed mobile email client, late last year and turned it into Outlook for iOS and Android taking the name of the desktop dinosaur and making it a smartphone-optimized experience.

The financial details of the recent acquisition is not disclosed, but the reports suggests the deal could be valued more than $100 million or so. The Sunrise app is expected to be free as before.

Based on the example of Outlook, it is exciting to think what Microsoft may do in terms of using the strong foundation of the Sunrise and making it into a new core components of the company’s growing mobile productivity empire. For a company that has been criticized for sticking to the traditional values and slow-moving, the acquisition of Accompli and Sunrise offers a foresight into future, if not outright innovation.