Microsoft acquires LiveLoop to diversify PowerPoint


Microsoft, to improve and diversify its PowerPoint Presentation, has recently acquired San Francisco based LiveLoop, a startup that makes collaboration tools for Microsoft Office. This purchase has been made after the recent acquisitions of other mobile apps for professional use.

Microsoft acquires LiveLoop

LiveLoop for PowerPoint is a program that permits team members to work on PowerPoint at the same time in a way similar to that of the Google’s Slide Program. Separate meeting program like GoToMeeting is not necessary as it is as simple as sharing the URL and kick a meeting off from there. The key idea behind LiveLoop is to avoid situations of sharing a large PPT file over e-mails. The solution of LiveLoop fulfilled the need to download client applications or Web presentation enabled software like Cisco’s WebEx or Citrix’s GoToMeeting. This probed a way to view PPT presentations on smartphones and made its simpler to share PPT presentations across platforms like Macs, stated in LiveLoop’s Website.

A spokesperson for Microsoft confirmed the acquisition to ZDNet and the LiveLoop for PowerPoint program is expected to play a major part for the development of the MS Office in future. “Microsoft is excited to welcome the talented team from LiveLoop to help build great collaboration across Office applications, as part of our strategy and vision to reinvent productivity,” confirmed a spokesperson from Microsoft.

LiveLoop has posted a message on its website that it would be shutting down permanently on April 24, 2015 and requested its users to backup all the data and presentations to prevent it from facing deletion. The startup company is no longer taking in new users. The value of the acquisition has not been disclosed by both the companies.