Microsoft acquires cloud computing vendor GreenButton


The tech giant Microsoft is acquiring the high performance cloud computing vendor GreenButton of Newzeland. The main aims of the Microsoft has to increase its Azure cloud computing platform.

Microsoft acquires cloud computing vendor GreenButton

The GreenButton has accepted the deal between the Microsoft and its. But they do not disclose the amount that they are taken by the Microsoft. The effect of  Microsoft acquisition is  the existing GreenButton service will no longer be available to new customers, but they’ are looking forward to launching a new service  which has integrated in Azure later in the year.


The GreenButton has also described that is a leading provider of integrated on demand solutions which allows the customers to manage compute with their intensive workloads in the cloud and are known in the industry for their ease of use.  And using the  GreenButton’s solutions,  the applications can be cloud-enabled faster without  any recoding  in the existing software of the system.

It is an exciting time for businesses which  they are investing in Big Data and Big Compute. From this Microsoft acquisition, they are looking forward to democratizing the use Big Compute via the power of the cloud technology, by which the organizations from all walks of life can use their data to transform or to change  their business approach and the  today world also.