Mettl – Gauge you your people skills



Mettl is an online testing and assessment platform allows measuring, analyzing and improving people skills of a prospective candidate. It is a platform used to gauge technical, functional, sales, accounting, behavioral, leadership qualities and other skills through analytical, broad based and multi dimensional methods.

Companies that need to run assessments on various competencies for new hire or existing employees. Mettl platform provides combination of the science of assessments and advanced technology in order to deliver reliable and valid tests. It allows one to create and customize online test according to their needs. The interface is very simple and user friendly interface to add sections, configure timings, and randomize questions and answers.

The platform allows administrator to add questions from database or create their own questions. It provides an option to control test delivery and gives real time analysis and reports.


The software has number of unique features. One of them is the ability to perform high stake assessment with automatic invigilation empowered by advanced proctoring, which Ketan Kapoor say is an aspect of unmatched globally.

He further states that while applicant is taking assessment Mettl will employ a set of auto invigilation algorithms involving virtual and remote proctoring to gauge in a remote location.

Another feature is that online proctoring technology eliminates the need of manual vigil on the candidates. By preventing candidates moving away from navigating screen and do not allow copy paste action. It alerts administrator, when candidate moves away from the screen and referring any books for reference by capturing the images thru web camera.

The platform has measuring skills online; assess skills of the candidates by evaluating their performances in simulated environment. One of them Coding Simulator (evaluate coding skills of a candidate in actual work situation) and Voice Based Simulator (tests the skills required in call center industries). Case Study Simulator can be used in judging the skills in solving business cases.


The evaluation summary provides an insight with a detailed report of the candidate performance from the perspective of raw score, time taken and accuracy level. The platform has capabilities to find out whether candidate has entered the answer in a logical or arbitrary manner.

Mettl has seen a whopping growth of 10 times in recent years. Hoping to continue grow by expansion by extending their foot prints in the US and Mid East. Company is focusing on verticals like IT, Education and Training, BPO and KPO. Now they are focusing on pilot studies on BFSI and Retail sector.

The Company was founded in September, 2009 located in Gurgaon, Haryana. It has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad employs 42 people planning to recruit few more in the coming months.


Started with a seed capital of Rs. 80,000 got angel funding from Blume Ventures of $350,000 in 2010. In 2012, Indo US Ventures and Kalaari Capital invested $4 million in July 2012 as Series ‘A’ funding. Till now a total of $4.4 million funding has been done by various venture capital funds.

The startups clientele has big list which comprises of names like,,, Inmobi and others. It has a tie up with National Skills Development Corporation.