Metaome – enabling life sciences thru informatics

By | February 16, 2015


Metaome enables life sciences thru informatics. The big data company delivers knowledge mining solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industries.

It helps its customers to unlock creative ideas and provides user friendly and competitive way to generate information as well as data through its proprietary semantic search and data integration engine called DistilBio. The word Distil in DistilBio stands for Data Integration using Semantic Technologies in the Life Sciences.

Metaome has developed two products out of DistilBio. DistilBio works as data integration engine that can be easily customized and deployed in any data intensive industry such as life sciences. The technology can be implemented at enterprise level to integrate and link data across proprietary data bases.


DistilBio Enterprise is a seamless solution for enterprise level data integration, search and discovery. The products collate data from several sources like instruments, documents, laboratory data management systems, private databases and public databases. The platform enables the user to seamlessly search across the data and identify hidden relationships within the data. The platform comes with graphical query builder and a search platform which is customizable to the needs of an enterprise.

Metaome’s second offering DistilBio Online is free web based graph search and discovery application for the life sciences and drug discovery. The product is visual query builder enables user to intuitively build complex queries without the need for any informatics support. The graph based search technology enables users to look for relationships rather than keyword search in the data.

Metaome has an agile customer focused product development strategy. The company is committed to help scientists glean the best insights and value from data.

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The Bengaluru based company was incubated by Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Metaome received seed funding from Department of Information Technology, Government of India.

Metaome founded by Kalpana Krishnaswami, who is Chief Executive Officer of the company. She graduated from Indian Institute of Technology; Delhi in Masters of Chemistry, further did her Masters in Computational Chemistry from Wright State University. Kalpana did MPWE in entrepreneurship from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. She has diverse professional experience. She was visiting Research Scientist in University of North Carolina. Later she became Software Manager in North Carolina Super Computing Center (MCNC). She joined as Software Engineer in Instantiations Inc, worked their till 2000.

She founded and became President of a startup called Jigyasa in 1997 to 2000. In 2001 she became polymer Scientist and Scientist in GE. She became scientific consultant in Seascape Learning till 2005. Kalpana joined Jubilant Biosys as Manager Product Development where she delivered novel chemomatics databases to meet customer needs. In 2006 she joined as Director Major Accounts in Cambridgesoft. Simultaneously she founded Metaome Science Informatics.


Ramkumar Nandakumar is Founder Director of Metaome Science Informatics. He did his bioinformatics from Madurai Kamaraj University and he did his Masters in Science from University of Madras. He is German Language expert and has rich professional experience.

He started his career in Monsanto as Bioinformatics Scientist, worked till 2000. He worked as Research Assistant in Max Planck Institute for Development Biology in Germany and University of Cambridge. Ramkumar became Manager Product Development in Jubilant Biosys where he managed Life Sciences. He joined Metaome Science in 2007.

Metaome is looking to get more users to try out DistilBio and provide feedback on the product. Based on the feedback received the company plans to release version. As per plans the users can upload their own data, connect it with public data and search for new sets. The company wants to release newer version with all capabilities positioned as premium and to maintain basic search capabilities to remain free. Right now 7,000+ users use Metaome products every day.

Metaome is planning to release enterprise version where the platform live behind corporate servers to use for in house data integration. The company was selected for Microsoft Ventures summers acceleration program.

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