Mercedes-Benz And LG Combine In A Bid To Make Self-Driving Cars

By | December 29, 2014

Mercedes-Benz and LG are combining to create self-driving cars. These cars will aim to involve humans as little as possible in the driving process.


LG recently announced that they’re working along with Mercedes to come up with ‘next-generation camera systems’ which according to them will allow a mixture of computers and algorithms to handle a few factors that come up in driving. LG also stated that they will be providing the core components for these self driving cars to Mercedes-Benz in the future.

LG’s existing Advanced Drive Assistance System (ADAS) will be the system on which these cars will be based. This system includes cameras the produce alerts whenever a vehicle changes lanes. It is also able to read traffic signs and the driver’s health status. It also issues proximity based warnings if there are obstacles. All of this will be merged with Mercedes’ 6D Vision Technology.


LG has separately stated that it will also start to use its entertainment and mobile technologies in automobiles soon. An integration with its mobile devices to provide a new venue for in-car entertainment is also being touted.

It would seem like self driving cars are the next big thing in the industry. Google released a prototype of its first working car last week.

Author: Saugaat

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