Mentions, Facebook’s celebrity-friendly app updated with interesting features

By | February 6, 2015

Facebook has recently improved its celebrity-friendly app – Mentions 2.0. The recently updated app for celebrities and other public figures has a couple of other significant features.


The Mentions app launched July last year made it easier for high-profile users to interact with their fan followers. For instance, if a Facebook user tags Will Smith in a status update, Smith would be notified about it through the Mentions app, which would enable him to respond to it.

Couple of new features have been added to it making it even more user-friendly. Mentions now let users to share posts to two other popular social networks. One social network is not surprising for it is photo sharing social network – Instagram which belongs to Facebook but other one is definitely surprising for its Facebook’s big time rival – Twitter.


After posting a picture or status on Facebook via Mentions, users can tap the drop-down menu for an update, photo or video to share it on Instagram and Twitter as well. This should help users keep their followers on Instagram and Twitter updated while continuing to use Facebook on Mentions.

The other distinguished new feature introduced in Facebook Mentions 2.0 is the support for topics. It allows the users to add topics that they are interested it, including hashtags and other people, to their Mentions feed.

This enables them to see public posts about those topics, in addition to posts that mention them – particularly useful for athletes keeping track of posts about their teams or musicians keeping tracks of posts about their bands.

Apart from the above features, Facebook Mentions 2.0 also includes improvement for speed and reliability.

Mentions app of Facebook seems to be in use by lot of celebrities including Mariah Carey, Samuel L. Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg. Reports also say that more than 2 billion interactions happen between users and fans each week.

Mentions is something like a niche app available to users with verified Facebook pages, a process that requires approval from the social network. But it is quite an interesting and useful to actors, musicians, athletes and other high-profile people and ‘influencers’ in helping them connect with their fans and followers.