Memory Rainbow an Android Game to test Memory and logical skills

By | May 12, 2014
memory Rainbow

Memory Rainbow is an android which is available in the Google play store. The aim of this android game is to test the memory and logical skills. The game is simple that aims to turn all the square in a grid to same color. The main thing in this game is to remember the square colors initially and how many tabs it will takes to turn it same colors as other squares while all the squares have gone blank. Initial stage start with three row and three columns 3×3 and easy to play. Game progress it will be difficult to play. This game came be play by all the age group members.

memory rainbow

How to play

  • Initially you need to download this game from the Android Google play store once you done with the downloading then app will install automatically.
  • After installation the game Memory Rainbow icon will appear on the screen of your Android device.
  • The game opens with options includes exit, music, help, credits and play.
  • There are number of different difficulties mode which makes too harder and also easy mode with 3×3 matrix i mean 3 rows and 3 columns.

memory rainbow

  • After selecting the difficulty before playing the game we need to shuffle the squares, when playing you need to hide the colors. You need to tab the squares certain number of times to try and get the colors to change to the same as all the other tiles.
  • As I mention earlier you need to hide every time you play and then to show tiles and their colors is one move. when you do with the all the grid to same color then you are done with the level.
  • You can view your stats from the front page and also your score.

memory rainbow


  • Simple and easy to play initially, Graphics and music are quite good.
  • Levels are harder too check your memory and logical skills.
  • Looks good even in both tablets as well as smartphones.
  • Even kids also like this Game as it is interesting and colorful.


  • you need to pay to unlock the levels


Over all this game might not be not exciting, but still it has entertainment and fun, Initially levels you will get it for free and for playing next levels you need to pay. Final word I can say game aims to provide brain teasing puzzle and it works well.

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