Memo Location lets you create map reminders quickly and easily

By | August 7, 2014

Memo Location is the handy app for the Windows Phone which allows the users to pin the location on the map and your phone receives the toast notifications when you reach that point. There are so many map remainder apps, but its simple and straight forward interface makes Memo Location stay out of the crowd. It app is handy to remember where you left your car at the parking lot, find your favorite fishing site and more.


How to use

  • Just touch and hold the location which you want to save for two seconds and add it to the memo.
  • Fill some notes for that location and save the memo. That’s it you are done.
  • Now every time you you go near the location where you have saved your memo, a toast notification will remind you regarding the location.


  • Save the memo on the map and choose the radius of the area with in you will be notified.
  • You will receive the notifications every time when you enter the location of your interest.
  • Easily scratch the location and quickly save the memo of a location on the map.
  • Make use of the favorite navigation app installed on your phone to reach the destination.
  • Ability to view the memo preview directly from the map.
  • Offers Geocoding and reverse geocoding support.
  • Fast interface and very easy to use.
  • Any additional configuration is not required, just open the app and start using it.

Everyone no need to have the Memo Location, but if you want to remember a location on the map then it is the great option to consider. With many possibilities, Mwmo Location is very easy and simple to use location reminder app for Windows Phone platform. It is the paid app available for $0.99 and before buying you can go for a trail.

Download Memo Location for Windows Phone