Meet Kuratas, the Japanese wearable $1million giant robot suit


Few year ago had one said Robotic suits like in Centurions cartoon or Iron Man will be available for sale to common man, they would have considered him absurd and ridiculous. Two years ago when such a suit was displayed in at Wonder Show (at Japan), people thought it was some kind of joke. But the reality is different now for Kuratas, the giant robot suit is available at Amazon for approx $1million dollar.

Giant Robot

The fully-functional Kuratas was created by Japanese blacksmith Kogoro Kurata with the help of Suidobashi Heavy Industry. When asked why ,he laughs saying, he waited long for someone to create but when no one did, he did it himself. This giant robot is 4 meter tall and weighs 5 tons. The giant robot cannot walk but has four wheels to be driven around up to a speed of 10km/hr.

An interesting thing about the Kuratas is it can be armed with multiple weapon, but sadly they are being sold separately. There are 6000 round per minute twin BB Gatling cannons and Lohas launcher which could fire either water bottles or fireworks. Kuratas ‘iron crow’ arm is capable of picking up objects. The surprising and scary part is, the robots are designed to fire when the user smiles (God only knows why?!)

Kuratas works like the iron man suit/exoskeleton where the user wears it as a suit and controls it. Also, it can be controlled using a smart phone with 3G network.  This robot works on V-SIDO OS and has a touch-screen panel in the cockpit to control it.

Giant robot Kuratas

The suit can be brought through Amazon-Japan and is now available at Japan only. It is priced £659,000 and has to be assembled by the buyer .