Meerkat gets closer to Facebook after moving away from Twitter

By | May 12, 2015

The live streaming app Meerkat, which is highly hyped but hardly used, has made drastic changes to its iOS app update. The update permits the users publish Meerkat alerts and live broadcast directly to their Facebook page.


The move looks like a clear counter attack to Twitter for it removed from its social graph a month ago. When the app was in the peak of its popularity, Twitter decided to chuck it out. Twitter then launched Periscope, its own live-broadcasting app which performed better than Meerkat. Meerkat, all this while was looking at ways to attack Twitter and this affiliation with Facebook seems to be it.

Support for Facebook is very recent from Meerkat. It is very recently, the company announced its mobile app on Google Play store. Though the app is not completed its beta phase and still under testing, it has introduced its app in Android before Twitter could bring its Periscope to the Android, giving it some extra advantage. Though it is quite sure Facebook does not see Meerkat the way Twitter saw it, it is still not clear how Facebook would treat it down the lane. If Meerkat allows its user to login through Facebook or if Facebook allows its user to source Meerkat followers through its friends list, it would suggest Facebook is nicer to Meerkat.

Apart from this update, there has been few other updates added along. They are address book scanning and matching for the users to build a network in this service with his friends by connecting them with the contacts. Another feature is the popular streams would be promoted to front page of the app. To highlight the stream, the small adorable animated meerkat on a rocket will fly around it. It also supports emoji and users can select any of his choice to express himself. It has another new feature called ‘mobbing,’ where the live stream crosses a particular number of viewers, Meerkat will direct it to its official feed.

Despite of all this clashes and discussions between Meerkat and Pericsope, a recent study shows neither app does to excite the real-world users. According to 7Park, Meerkat had 0.1% reach in terms of all US iOS device users and Periscope boasted a mere 0.5% reach. So for now, let’s just get ready to see some Meerkat videos in Facebook news feed.