Maximize your Return on Investment in Social Media

By | December 15, 2014

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Maximize your Return on Investment in Social Media

Social Media go hand in hand with marketing and public relations. For a chief marketing officer, both teams have to go hand in hand to in order to avoid costly missteps. In order to achieve this, he has to find an individual who has knowledge of marketing with an interest in social media. It will be easier for an insider, who knows your business to teach nuances of the social media. Investment in social media is a long term commitment and should not be used as a transition to other resources.

For majority of companies, social media is just beginning to build their social departments. Most of the teams are small and experience level is low, since this is a new element of marketing. Shortly this will get changed in the duration of time.

More and more public relations agencies are measuring the effects of social media. Strategies have been formed to sync the joint efforts of marketing and public relations in social media with help of stronger data analytics.

Chief Marketing Officer is in a position to push for higher investment into data analytics that give more information on key performances on social media. These may be site traffic and revenue from social media. He has to introduce social media, to each every department of the business. It has to start from IT department, who support to integrate social media into digital assets to the call centers who act as front end to diffuse services issues.


human-social-mediaAdd a human element to your social media. At present, social media has become very powerful. Most of the people use social media to interact and share. People are using social media more like a personalized space. It is important for the brands, to organize a highly interactive social media campaign in order to be in the list of brand recall. When people feel good about the services, they comment in the social media. Sharing links, adding comments and participate in community discussions will engage your customers in the brand.

Customer engagement:

We need engage customers; motivate them to comment on your products and services, achieve desired goals for the business. Encourage them to exchange ideas and thoughts on your brands. Listening to social media can nurture customer relationship which results in customer loyalty.

Transparency and use of mobile in social media:

One has to maintain transparency in social media, customers’ value honesty and transparency. To get attention, one has to maintain clarity. Building trust is very vital in social media.

Today people use smartphone to shop, deal and communicate. Most of them are connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media. Social media comprises of people who like to browse and read posts. Low budget and eye catching promotions will be make people click on them and giving more returns on their investment with low investment. Optimize your website for mobile or tablets. People value social media content which is unique, high quality content. Content should be the pillar of all your marketing efforts.

Measuring your Return on Investment:

Sales are resultant of social reputation, which in turn will be beneficial to a well planned engagement campaign. Public relations can be leveraged across all social media initiatives and employees becoming brand advocates.


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