Match It : A Simple And Decent Game for Windows Phone User’s


The Match It is a simple and decent game, now lands on the Windows Phone Operating System. The Match It is a relatively new gaming title, which creates a hope to fall into the ‘fun way to pass the time’ category’. You will find that the game tests your reflexes and speed by requiring you to tap the screen as two balls which change  color match. The Match It is also supports the low end memory devices (512 MB RAM) sport.

This game has a simple main menu with options to view the tutorial, play the game, view your best score and check in on the online Leaderboard. You can also have a mute button, which available in the upper right corner of the menu in the game. Another feature of the main menu is an annoying full-page ad that pops-up from time to time.


The Match It game play is simple but challenging enough to avoid being too easy. You have two colored balls that bounce around the gaming screen changing colors. When the two ball’s color matches, you have to tap the screen as quickly as possible before the colors change and no longer match. You will observe  your gaming score and the scorecard is available at the top of the screen. And at the bottom of the screen is your point multiplier and skip counter. The skip counter counts down the number of matches you failed to act on. When the counter hits zero (would not worry about that for a while), the game is over.

If you have  mismatched the pair of colors, then the game ends and you have the options to enter a player name and submit your score to the online Leaderboard, retry the game or share your score via social networks. The game is available free in the Windows Phone Store, if you want to download then you can click here!