How to manage saved passwords in chrome


One of the many things that keep you sync between all of your devices is your passwords. But for some things this cannot be great help, it is also something which you may not to use such as say for your bank, or the shopping site like Amazon and more. But if you have accidentally hit the save button for one time or you have got a new account in other device, but the old one keeps popping up and you need to adjust the things. So here is the tutorial for how to save the passwords in the Chrome browser in Android device.


How to manage saved passwords in chrome

  • Go to the settings in the browser and find password settings in the basic settings and that is the good thing to see because more erratic ‘save this passwords’ are clicked in the mobile browser.
  • At the top of the screen, we can turn off the password saving altogether and below there is the list of save passwords. If you want to edit or the view the passwords that you are saved here, you need to do it on desktop version.
  • It is also not worthy that when you go into the settings for the saved passwords in the Chrome, it do not ask for the Google account password before you can see them.
  • You can rectify the list of sites where you have hit “passwords”, if you had accidentally hit somewhere.

Auto Complete setting is above Passwords in the app’s setting page and editing that is very simple.