Malaysia to implement RFID tracking tags for vehicles

By | August 27, 2015


Malaysian government is planning to implement the RFID outfitted road tracking stickers on the vehicles to track all the vehicles and thereby reduce the crime and traffic. This new tech will be embedded into a new road tax sticker and installation of it will be free for the owner of the vehicles.

The implementation of this new tracking technology will start next year and go on till 2018. Datuk Aziz Kaprawi, Malaysia’s Deputy Transport Minister said to The Sun Daily, “This October, we will begin the pilot stage of the RFID-base for VEP [Vehicle Entry Permit] tags for all types of vehicles – both local and foreign – which travel in and out of the Johor’s [Malaysia-Singapore] border checkpoints,”

This tracking technology will be used to reduce the crime activities as well as detecting the congestion in the traffic through more accurate data. The authorities can also track the cars of peaceful political activists. The officials claim that the identification codes are encrypted, but it is still unclear that the tracking data will be secured or not. This technology would sure be hopeful, but the privacy of lots of innocent people remain at risk.