How to make Windows 7 lock screen look like Mac OSX Yosemite


Customization of devices like computer, smartphone, tablet has become a needy kind of stuff, people always try to make their device look different than others. We all know that after Microsoft Windows, if any OS comes is Mac OS from Apple. Tough the Apple computers are very costly which is not affordable by every people. But still we try to taste some of the features of Mac like getting the icon packs, lock screen, themes and more.


Today we are going to get a nice change in your Windows 7 lock screen, here we have a nice tutorial that will transform your existing Windows 7 Lock Screen to latest announced Mac OSX Yosemite lock screen. The latest OSX comes will all new Windows like flat UI with the X logo at the center of the screen.

If you are not a Mac user but want to experience a similar login screen on your Windows, here is a complete guide,

How to make Windows 7 lock screen look like Mac OSX Yosemite

  1. Download OS X Yosemite Login Screen for Windows 7and extract the file by using winzip or 7zip extractor.
  2. In the extacted folder, you will see two folder, one for 32 bit system and another one for 64 but system, choose the file accordingly.
  3. In both the folder, there will be files called:
  4. You need to replace the file with the existing one to get the latest mac lock screen.
  5. Go to “C:WindowsSystem32” folder and take ownership of authui.dll file. Basically taking ownership is nothing but gaining access of administrator for that particular file.
  6. Once after taking the ownership of the file called authui.dll and rename it to something like authui_bak.dll (just for backup purpose).
  7. Now copy the extracted the authui.dll and paste it to C:/Windows/System32.
    NOTE: 64-bit Windows users need to replace “authui.dll” file present in “C:WindowsSysWOW64” folder.
  8. Now you need to go to C:/Windows/Branding and search for the file called basebrd.dll, here also you need to do the same(take file permission, if ask) and rename it to basebrd_bak.dll.
  9. Now copy the basebrd.dll from the extracted folder to “C:WindowsSysWOW64” here.
  10. Now download the registry file from here, extract it and run it.
  11. Then go to %windir%System32oobe and create a folder inside it named info and inside of that create another one with name ‘backgrounds‘.
  12. Now copy the background image from the extracted folder and paste it here ‘%windir%System32oobeinfobackgrounds’.

Things you need to check at the end:

  • Make sure your image size must be under 256 kb.
  • File format also must be .jpg
  • The image name should be backgroundDefault,