How to make money from Youtube videos


Now a days many people are making money through the YouTube by uploading the videos. You would have also thought that, why can’t I make the money by uploading the videos on YouTube. You can earn the money quickly through Youtube, but you need to have a strong subscriber base.

In this article I am explaining how to make money from YouTube videos in detail. Hope this article is helpful to you.


Step 1 : Setup your own YouTube channel

First step is you need to setup your own YouTube channel. Every YouTube account has one channel attached to it and the YouTube account is nothing but same as the Google account.

  • First create a new account or you can use the existing one and add the keywords which are helpful for the people to find your channel. Make sure that the keywords should be relevant to your content.
  • Be careful in choosing the username, if it is short and, catchy and easy to remember then more people will apt to remember you. If you are using an existing account it is better to stay with it.

Step 2 : Add content

Upload the videos with high quality, short length and also keep uploading videos regularly and consistent.

  • If your content is not great at first, try to make the next videos better. Improve the videos quality by using the better quality camera and edit the videos using better video editing software.
  • Keep uploading regularly so that you can keep hold on the audience. People will show interest and subscribe to your channel if you keep uploading regularly and maintain the schedule as much as possible.
  • Also make sure to tag your videos with the keywords which describes the content and an eye catching description.

Step 3 : Gain audience

You need to build the audience base to increase the income and you need people to watch your adds and you will make money of them.

  • Upload the content regularly and try to get people hooked and share your video with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Share it everywhere on the internet and subscribers are essential to become a partner.
  • Respond to the viewer comments and make occasional videos directly related to viewer questions and comments.

 Step 4 : Monetize your videos

Monetization is nothing but start earning money form your videos which means you need to allow YouTube to place ads in your video.

  • To monetize a video click on the monetization tab and check the “Monetize with Ads” box.
  • After uploading the video to monetize it, open the video manager and click on the $ sign next to the video which you want to monetize.

Step 5 : Create Google AdSense

  • Setup the Google AdSense account for free at the AdSense website. Click on the Signup button and  create your account. You must be 18 years old to create the AdSense account, otherwise an adult must help you.
  • You should have a PayPal or bank account and a valid address so that AdSense can verify you and to send the money. You will earn money only per ad click and a small amount per view but it adds up over time.

Step 6 : Check your analytics

  • After uploading some videos online, monetized and viewed you can check for the analytics Nd it will show hoe you are performing. Click on the analytics option in the channel menu and here you can view the estimated earnings, video views, demographics, ad performance and more.
  • Using the analytics tool you can see how your videos are resonating  with the audience and you can implement the new strategies to market your channel.

Step 7 : Market your videos

Don’t leave the videos just by uploading them to the YouTube. Start you own blog or website or post them on the other social networking sites and other video sites. Share the link on the or embedded the video on the internet and there is the increasing the chance of making the money.

Step 8 : Become YouTube partner

  • YouTube partners are nothing but the YouTube members who have monetized the videos with the large number of viewers. YouTube partners gain access to more content creation tools and also win prizes for the viewers they have.
  • Anyone can apply for the YouTube partnership at anytime through their YouTube partner page.