How to make money through Amazon affiliate program


Amazon is the world’s largest online store where millions of people spend billions of dollars on Amazon every year. You can earn money by referring the Amazon products through its affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is nothing but marketing the products of the eCommerce sites through your blog or website. Amazon affiliate program called as Amazon associates allow you to earn 4 percent or even more on the purchases using the special link on your website or blog.

The commission you earn will keeps on increasing after the sales increased from your site. Here in this article I am clearly explaining how to make money through amazon affiliate program.


Step 1 : Start your own website/blog

  • First step is to start your own blog or website using Blogger or WordPress or a similar site. Develop the content which you are passionate about and develop the followers for your blog.
  • You can also create the website because professional websites can also use the affiliate program. Create the social media accounts for your blog or a site. Using social media is the best way to improve the search engine ranking.
  • Keep touch with your readers and increase the links that you share. Post the Amazon links on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and more when you want to make a recommendation.
  • Keep updating the content and gain loyalty from the users. Post the content related to the products and you can include the links to Amazon products and people will see the link as a reference as a way to buy.

Step 2 : Sign up with Amazon associates

  • Go to the Amazon website and sign up with their affiliate program. before signing up read the instructions carefully and understand how to post, what products are eligible and how to get paid before starting the account. Click on “Join now for free” and you are ready to start.
  • Sign in with the Amazon username and password and select the payment address from the list of input at this time. Fill the information regarding your website, online monetization and web traffic.
  • Amazon rewards the advertising fees and commissions and these varies depending upon the product type and the advertising fees also increases after more than 6 purchases happens every month.
  • Start looking through the products on Amazon’s associates central and select the few products to integrate into your blog posts and use the bestseller filter and find the best selling in any category.
  • You can select what you want to post like image, text or a text link, depends upon how it want to look for you. Make use of the Amazon associates site stripe and the toolbar at the top of the page to capture the links for the products that you want to post.

Step 3 : Increase profits

  • Look for the creative ways to incorporate the product recommendations into your blog posts and optimize your earnings by posting the links regularly. If any potential buyer clicks on the Amazon affiliate links they will be active for 24 hours, so fresh links will increase to earn money.
  • Amazon pays you the advertising fee depending on the entire purchase, not just the product you advertised. Build links to different types of products over time, so that they make the purchases using your referral link.
  • Use the referral link when you are sending the information through email or to family or friends. You will receive the commission on anyone purchase with in 24 hours except yours.
  • Add the Amazon associates widgets to your website template and list several recommended products on your sidebar. Advertise the products of value more than $100 so that you can earn more commission.
  • Optimize your website or blog by using the search engine optimization practices such as short URLs, backlinks, keyword density and increase the traffic to your site.